1. What is CYOBiz Academy?
   - CYOBiz Academy is an online learning platform designed to empower entrepreneurs, artisans, and creatives in operating their online business successfully so they can get on with doing what they like to do best. 

2. What courses are offered at CYOBiz Academy?
   - We offer a wide range of courses, including brand development, e-commerce mastery, marketing strategies, as well as micro courses in managing modern technology for the ordinary person. Check our course catalog for details. We are only new so we are working on developing these courses. Your feedback is valuable to us.

3. How do I enroll in a course?
   - To enroll in a course, simply browse our course catalog, select the one that interests you, and follow the enrollment instructions.

4. Are the courses suitable for beginners?
   - Yes, our courses will cater to all skill levels, from beginner computer users to experienced entrepreneurs.

5. What is the cost of courses at CYOBiz Academy?
   - Course fees vary, and we offer a mix of free and paid courses. Check individual course pages for pricing details.

6. Is financial assistance available for course fees?
   - We will offer scholarships and discounts periodically. Keep an eye on our announcements for opportunities.

7. How long do I have access to course materials?
   - After enrolling in a course, in most cases, you will have lifetime access to the course materials.

8. Can I interact with instructors and fellow students?
   - Yes, you can interact with instructors and fellow students through discussion forums, live webinars, and community groups.

9. Do you offer certificates upon course completion?
   - Yes, we provide certificates for successfully completing our courses.

10. Is CYOBiz Academy affiliated with any institutions?
    - CYOBiz Academy is an independent online learning platform and not affiliated with any specific institutions. We do hope to become certified by an independent body in the near future.

11. How do I contact CYOBiz Academy for support or inquiries?
    - For any questions or support, you can reach out to us through our Contact Us Page.

12. Do you have a refund policy?
    - Yes, we have a refund policy. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details.

13. Can I share my course access with others?
    - Course access is intended for the enrolled individual only and cannot be shared with others.

14. Do you offer business consultation services?
    - Yes, we offer business consultation services. Please contact us for more information.

15. How can I stay updated with CYOBiz Academy news and offerings?
    - You can register as a member, it's free, and follow us on social media for updates, promotions, and new course announcements.