Membership and Application

1. By applying for a course, you acknowledge your interest, but this doesn't guarantee acceptance.

2. We'll confirm your application's acceptance, and that's when a contract forms between us.

3. We may refuse applications temporarily or permanently for any reason.


4. You can pay using Debit or Credit Cards via PayPal.

5. Ensure at least one installment is paid before starting the course.

Fees and Access

6. If you owe fees, access to course materials may be restricted.

7. One late subscription payment is allowed for continuing students.

8. Pay your outstanding balance to remove restrictions.

Contract Termination

9. We can end the contract for non-payment, incomplete information, or unaccepted delivery.

10. We may refund prepaid amounts after deducting reasonable costs due to contract termination.

Age and Cancellation

11. Attendees must be at least 18 years old.

12. We may cancel courses due to low interest or uncontrollable factors.

13. You can cancel your application with a full refund if done early.

Refund Policy

14. Fees are non-refundable once a course begins.

Failure to Pay

15. Failure to pay may limit access to course materials, and no diploma will be issued.